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ASU graduates enter the real world

May 10, 2003

Albany- For some, it took four years, for others it may have taken five, but on graduation day, bitter sweet feelings are shared.

Graduate Tremaine Reese says, "My emotions are really stirring and flying and I'm trying to control them. I'm trying to keep from crying because ASU has really been there for me."

Veronica Fudge says faculty and staff members at ASU have been very supportive. As a single mother and nontraditional student, she faced challenges that were overwhelming.

Fudge adds, "You can always go back and pursue your dreams no matter how hard, no matter how long it takes. Just have faith in God and have faith in yourself." The keynote speaker, was Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue. He told students the importance of being committed to their dreams and following through, no matter what.

Faith is what William Spruill says it took for him to be commissioned as a second Lt. in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. During a heartfelt ceremony during graduation, William was pinned by his parents. Both of them are military retirees. Williams says they are his inspirations.

He adds, "They inspired me to enter JROTC, which motivated me to further my education through the creed, and at the same time, I enjoyed it and I had a good time." One graduate told us what she will always remember. April Senn says, "My friends, teachers, Madame President, everyone made me feel at home."

It's a home that most ASU graduates will agree is where there heart will always be.

290 students graduate from ASU Saturday. Some plan to go to graduate schools in the fall, while others are heading into the working world.

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