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Supermom's are getting some super relaxation

May 9, 2003

Albany-- Are you a Supermom? You know, the kind who works full-time, volunteers on the weekends, drives the kids to activities and still has dinner on the table every night? Most women these days fit that description--and they can all use a day of relaxation.

Allison Hatcher is giving her mom a special treat this Mother's Day, "She deserves it and everyone likes to be pampered." She's buying a gift certificate for an hour massage at the Mint Julep Spa--but, Allison, who's a mom herself--wants to be pampered, too, "Yes, when my husband asked what to buy the mothers I said Mint Julep gift certificates!"

"It all started out as a surprise." Vivian Sims Mother's Day weekend got started a little early, "I went to work as usual thinking I'll be having my regular stressful day at work and just as I started my day, they showed up with beautiful roses."

She was whisked away to the spa for a full body massage--"I feel stress relieved!" Stress relief is what women want most this mother's day.

"We got her a full hour massage." Landon Burnette and his sister Amanda saved money to buy the massage--and says their mom really needs a break, "Well, there is actually seven of us. She home schools us. She is very dedicated, she is always there for us."

Many in Albany are showing mom they care by giving her a little extra special care--a treat every woman will enjoy. The Mint Julep offers spa services like massage, facials, manicures and pedicures. The most popular gift this year is a massage.

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