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ASU baseball coach's life comes full circle

May 8, 2003

Albany- Edward "E.T." Taylor was a star on the field. In 1994, he accepted a football scholarship to Albany State and as a freshman, he walked on to the baseball team.

Taylor says, "The first year I was red-shirted in both football and baseball. The second year I came in and earned a starting spot as quarterback."

During the first game, Edward hit the field determined to win. He adds, "The game started, and I was doing so well. It felt like a dream. I scored two touchdowns."

Then, the unthinkable happened. He says, "They were checking for a pulse in my leg, and that made me scared." Edward dislocated his knee, ending all chances of making it to the NFL. He even faced the fear of amputation. Taylor says, "Rehabilitation took me about a year and half, and my college career ended that night."

But somehow, someway, Edward's dislocated football dream was found in his second love, baseball. Now, Edward is the head coach of the ASU baseball team. He says he stresses the importance of education and hard work. Taylor says, "My guys on the team, I let them see the video tape of when I got hurt, and then I let them know they should play every game like it's their last." Edward says baseball marks the milestones in his life.

Edward Taylor leads by example in the classroom. He's earning a master's degree. He'll get his diploma Saturday during ASU's commencement ceremony.

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