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Thomasville's Downtown Market is booming


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) –Thursdays are an exciting day for Thomasville's self-proclaimed backyard farmers.

That's when they head downtown for the Downtown Market.

The market is trying to become a true farmer's market. It provides hand-crafted, home-grown, and organic products.

It's had a bumpy start but is finally picking up speed.

For some, the Downtown Market in Thomasville may seem like just another way to pass a summer day.

"I started out as just a hobby," says Hiram Hendrix, one of the market's vendors. "I have a greenhouse."

But all the vendors here are making profits on their home grown products.

"Some are supplementing and for others it's a way of life. And they're actually doing very well," explains Alison Wilson, the Downtown Market coordinator.

"The first year we didn't do too well because we we're investing a lot. But now we are enjoying a pretty good profit," Hendrix adds.

The Downtown market began three years ago, but only recently started to get attention from shoppers. One of the biggest reasons for its growth, has been the economy.

"It helps the community," says Hendrix's granddaughter, Rebecca Browde. "Lots of people don't have jobs and stuff like that. It's good for the economy, helping each other out instead of going to these big business monopolies."

But sellers aren't the only ones benefiting from the weekly market.

"It's a lot fresher and better for you," Browde explains. "It's not being shipped in. Like, with tomatoes, lots of times they pick them green and use a chemical to turn them red. So you cut it open and they're still green. But you get them a lot better down here."

17-year old Rebecca Browde bakes her own bread and helps her grandfather grow food in their greenhouse. Browde says all the hard work is helping her learn valuable lessons while earning a little summer money.

"This is all mine, I volunteer to do it. I like it. I'm learning a lot about vegetables and growing up I didn't like them that much, but it helps me see all the good stuff out there."

Like the fresh produce that may have come out of your neighbor's backyard.

The Downtown Market in Thomasville is always looking for new vendors and farmers.

If you'd like to get involved, call (229) 227-7020 for more information.

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