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Back flow devices needed to keep water safe

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Protecting the water supply is the top priority for Water, Gas and Light, but that can be costly for businesses.  All non-residential facilities are required to install back-flow devices. 

That keeps contaminants and sewage from making it into the main water supply and endangering the public.  Most businesses in Albany, like Palmyra Medical Center, already have the devices, and new structures are required to include them at construction.

But several thousand businesses within the city must be brought into compliance, to keep the water you drink safe.  Lorie Farkas, with Water, Gas and Light said, "We have abundant supplies of water in Albany.  It's 99.9% pure as it bubbles up out of the ground and we want to make sure that when you turn on your tap, you have that pure water."

The cost can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand for businesses to install the back flow devices, but if they don't, they'll have their water supply cut off.

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