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Wife was a suspect in murder investigation

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May 8, 2003

Albany-- Prosecutors say they thought a murder suspect's wife was involved in killing her father-in-law in 1990. That's whey they tapped Bill and Debra Scheer's phone and bugged their house last year.

Scheer's attorney wants evidence obtained through that wire tap thrown out before the trial starts Monday. Attorney Pete Donaldson said the D. A. got the search warrant as part of a "witch hunt."

"So they drew Mrs. Scheer, with no evidence whatsoever besides that her car was in the shop and that she made the bed," said Bill Scheer's Attorney, Pete Donaldson. "No evidence what so ever that there would be some form of communication between who knows who."

Judge Stephen Goss said he will rule Friday on the evidence. The Judge also also ruled today that WALB anchor Dawn Hobby will be the first witness in the trial so she can fully cover the trial after her testimony. She is a witness because Bill Scheer called her inside his home the day of the murder while his father's body was still upstairs.

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