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How a hobby turns into a career

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By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –Work isn't as much of a chore if you enjoy what you do. And when you can take a hobby and turn it into profit. It's the best of both worlds.

Well, that's just what a Leesburg knife-maker has done. It can't just be any hobby. It has to be something your good at and love doing.

Take knife making for an example. Some people consider a finished knife a work of art. One knife-maker we talked to compared his knives to the famous Mona Lisa painting.

Steve Gatlin loves to make knives. "Well it really goes back to 2003 when I started this as a hobby,"said Knife-maker Steve Gatlin.

But his hobby quickly turned profitable. "Business started increasing and I started taking orders for knives and got a little busier and busier," said Gatlin.

Already working full-time as a plant manager he had a tough decision to make. "He was gonna have to quit the knife making because he had no time or quit his job." said Cere Gatlin.

The knives won and Gatlin quit his day job to devote his time to making them. "To the average person it doesn't look like a viable way to make a living but to the knife world it is," said Chere Gatlin.

But it's more than just work. "I'm just trying to make a work of art," said Steve Gatlin. His works of art that sell for between $350 and $900 dollars.

"I'm certainly not Gucci but I make a good copy of a love lace knife," said Steve Gatlin. And there's a yearlong waiting list for his knives.

"We're not looking for an incredible living nor losing money. We want to pay our bills and live a simple life," said Cere Gatlin.  Carving a slice of the American dream one knife at a time. @

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