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Georgia gets new flag

May 7, 2003

Albany- Secretary of State Cathy Cox is in charge of the switch. Her office finished the final design details on the new flag just yesterday. Lawmakers gave her office $325,000  to design and buy new flags for state offices and buildings throughout Georgia. But she says it will take several months to complete the switchover.

Cox says, "It will take the manufacturer a number of weeks to create the number of flags we need. Then, when we get into addressing all of the envelopes and getting them to all of the schools, government agencies and other places that need them, it could take months before we get all of these out."

The new flag may not be permanent. Next March, voters will choose between the current flag that was adopted two years ago and the new one that will become official.  The old flag that included the Confederate battle emblem won't be an option.

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