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Dougherty county Library offers interactive story telling

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –With school being out, sometimes kids don't get enough mental stimulation. A recent study showed kids that read a lot have a larger IQ.

The Dougherty county library hosts free reading programs open to the public. It's not secret what reading can do for your child. However it is a secret what Interactive story telling offers.

Reading is a good way to increase knowledge ."I've learned lots of new facts and I've learned lessons, said Student Eric Chen.

"It makes her ask questions and he's starting to learn animals because of it," said Parent Kelly Baker. Both reading and story telling offers kids different things.

"I kind like reading because some books are funny," said Chen. What's really funny is how different interactive story telling is.

"They can bring the characters to life so there for the character lives with them," said Storyteller Ladoris Bias-Davis. "It keeps the kids involved they get kind bored when they listen to people talk," said Baker.

Interactive story telling inspires kids to wanna go get books to read. "Most likely the kids are driven to go to the shelves and pick up a book because of being motivated by interactive story telling," said Davis.

This kind of learning will follow and prepare kids for classes to come."When you do social studies, science and history. It really helps the kids get into it likes it a story," said Davis.

Whether you prefer the old fashion way or this one. Either one works just fine. "When your out of school you tend not to read so this programs pushes kids to read."

Pushing kids to read is pushing them in the right direction. The Dougherty county library is offering different types of summer reading classes until July 25th.

It's for all ages and open to the public. They focus on the five R's. Read, record, return, receive and rejoice. @©2010 WALB News. All rights reserved. @@@@

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