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US Supreme Court: 20 minute debate over Isaacs' execution

May 7, 2003

Butts County - Moments before Carl Isaacs was scheduled to be lethally injected, the US Supreme Court decided to consider two appeals, delaying the execution. One appeal, Isaacs' attorney claimed the minister's prayer at the retrial prejudiced the jury. The other, claiming cruel and unusual punishment.

Tuesday evening, Carl Isaacs execution hit a minor bump when the U-S Supreme court granted a last minute stay to deliberate 20 to 25 minutes past the set time. Attorney General Thurbert Baker says, "One of those issues was an argument made by Mr. Issac's Lawyer, that it was cruel and unusual punishment for anyone to stay on death row for 30 years."

Within the hour, the US Supreme Court gave the go ahead. Georgia Department of Corrections Public Affairs Director, Scheree' Lipscomb was the first to break the news to media, she says, "In accordance with the law in State of GA, inmate Isaacs was put to death by lethal injection beginning at 8 PM and pronounced dead at 8:07. There was no struggle, he remained calm and there was not resistance."

Despite wet weather conditions, demonstrators huddled under umbrellas to let their opinions known. There were about a dozen people for the death penalty who lit six candles for the six Alday victims. Only five people showed up against the death penalty. Ned Alday's grandaughter, Paige Seagraves, says, "For those who object the death penalty we say walk in our shoes."

More than 60 Alday family members came to Butts County on a bus. Three watched the execution. Attorney General Baker says, "Georgia closed the final chapter in what has been a long and torturous venture in the Alday murders here in the state. In my opinion, the most horiffic crime spree in the history of not only Georgia, but in the history of this country."

Fifteen minutes after the execution, and during Attorney General Thurbert Baker's press conference, the GBI crime lab van passes by heading to Atlanta. Inside the van is the body of Carl Isaacs.

His body will be picked up at the crime lab by Isaacs' attorney friend, David Lari. Lari is from Isaacs hometown, Baltimore, Maryland.

The US Supreme Court took 20 minutes to debate, they notified the Department of Corrections at 7:10. The reason it took 50 minutes to begin the execution, witnesses and Isaacs had to be moved back to the death chamber.

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