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Gator warning

May 7, 2003

Albany -- An Albany woman says she has seen more alligators at Cromartie Beach this year than at any time during the 23 years she has lived there. But one big alligator has her worried for people's safety.

 Linda Drawdy said "There are alligators out here, and these kids were swimming and boating and tubing right out here." Drawdy has seen lots of alligators in the water behind her house on Beachview Drive.

But now one big alligator staying in the area has her scared. Drawdy said "This one, if it is the same one, he stays out here for quite a length of time. And then he comes back along the wall, and goes back out toward the center."

Linda says the gator is bigger than she is, around 6 or 7 feet. Linda says her neighbors say they are seeing more alligators up and down the river. So she is worried about the many people who swim and boat in the Cromartie Beach water.

Drawdy said "Skiiers have to get in the water every so often. They have to be made aware there is a danger, but enjoy themselves, just be cautious." Linda Drawdy just wants to warn people who enjoy the water at Cromartie Beach, to remember it is also home to alligators, and take caution.

Department of Natural Resources biologists say they do not believe there are more alligators in South Georgia this year. But they say they are active, and will stay in one spot.

 If you see a gator that you believe is a nuisance, call the D.N.R. and they can move them if needed.

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