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A great yard take TLC

May 7, 2003

Albany - April showers bring May flowers. No where is that cliche more true than at the Durham home here in Albany. And, no landscaper is to credit.

"This is our hobby. This is what we love to do," said Melvin Durham. Lilies, pansies, snap dragons decorate their Aspen Drive home. And, passers-by often stop and ask them who landscaped their lawn. They of surprised to find out the Durhams, at 80 and 82 years-old, are the artists behind this perfect landscape.

"People will ask me how to their lawns," said Margaret Durham. "Then, they take a plant home and sit it out and don't take care of it. They come back to me and ask why their plant died. And, I say that it takes a lot of tender loving care."

Every day the couple tends the yard. "We're about to pull up the pansies. My redo the garden every year. You must work at it daily," said Margaret. Margaret is the flower master and Melvin calls himself her "go-to guy."

"I do the lawn work and whatever else she needs me to do," said Melvin.

"I'm not a house person. I do house work because I have to and yard work because I want to," said Margaret.

The couple's passion for gardening draws a lot of attention. "People will come by and shout how beautiful the yard looks. Our neighbors say we make them feel ashamed," joked Margaret.

The Durham's say the flowers in their yard will continue to grow as long as they're able to dig in the dirt.

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