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Post Office warns, don't be scammed

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  A warning about a scam that uses the U.S. Postal Service to get at to your personal information and your money.

An Albany woman recently received the email promising her six million dollars, if she would just send money to Nigeria for an affidavit. She knew right away it was a scam, but worries official language in the email might fool others.

Postal inspectors in Savannah, say in this case crooks have reworked one of their procedures to intercept some packages, likely using a warning sent to them by the inspectors to try to fool you and tonight they say you shouldn't fall for the scam. Most people don't expect to get an email from the U.S. Postal Service. So when Maria Elmaadawy came across the email in her inbox, she was curious.

"When I started reading the first paragraph I said okay this is a scam, they said we, we but who is we, they hide their identity," said Maria Elmaadawy, a scam recipient.

The email promises an ATM Master Card worth six million dollars. Postal Inspectors say it is a scam and dangerous because the post office can intercept packages, but they won't send you an email about it. The email urges the recipient to send money and information to Nigeria, using official language.

"Because they include institution like FedEX and the Department of Treasury, it sounds like legal," said Elmaadawy.

Albany Police say right away it should raise a red flag and they urge you not to respond to this scam.

"Even on the Internet you have to be real careful because you don't know who's the other person and if you are going to engage in some business over the Internet than I suggest you do research with that company or that person before you send any information," said Albany Police Sgt. Michael Persley.

They say never trust someone soliciting your personal information. Maria worries this email may be targeting the Hispanic community, who may see the names of official agencies like Homeland Security and act. She has a warning in Spanish for them. By being proactive, she hopes to prevent someone from falling victim because when you're informed then you can't be fooled. Albany Police say there are a lot of good resources online that you can access to check out information like these scams. You can check the GBI's web site at or the FBI at 

U.S. Postal Inspectors also remind you if they're concerned about a package and it's intercepted, they'll contact you directly. If you have questions about something you've receive concerning the post office you can contact them via their web site and you can find a link at

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