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Extreme heat could be cause of migrant worker's death

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Medical examiners are trying to determine if extreme heat caused a migrant worker's death.

The man was found dead in a field in Brooks County Thursday night.

It should serve as a warning for people who have to work in the heat to stay hydrated and make sure they don't get overheated.

Many of us sweat our way through the work day in these sizzling, scorching temperatures.

"Its very humid, very hot," said Freddie Johnson, who works at Farmer Brown's Produce Market.

"It's hot," said Cedric Holder, a City of Valdosta employee.

It's not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous.

A migrant worker's body was found Thursday night near the edge of a field off Etheridge Road in Brooks County. Sheriff Mike Dewey said the man was picking squash earlier in the day.

The man has not been identified. Authorities say the cause of death could be heat-related.

Many people say a pleasant spring turned into a boiling summer quickly.

"Its just seems like it jumped all over us, all of the sudden," said David Bauch, the South Georgia Medical Center Mobile Healthcare Services Deputy Chief.

South Georgia Medical Center has already handled many heat-related emergencies and it's not even officially summer yet.

"Hydrate yourself well before you go out and don't wait until after your hot to drink," said Bauch.

Many try to start their day early, like these workers who are building a new tennis complex at McKey Park.

"We try to get work done in the morning," said Cory Cooper, with Rountree Construction.

 "You see I'm wearing my hat to try and keep cool," said Holder.

And as we all try to avoid getting overheated, if you start feeling bad in the sun, take it seriously and get out of the heat.

South Georgia Medical Center Mobile Healthcare Services provided the following information on recognizing heat related illnesses.

Types of heath emergencies: heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke.

 Signs and symptoms of heat cramps include:

—  Alert, weak, dizziness

—  Cramping of fingers, upper and lower extremities, or abdomen

—  Moist, warm, skin

—  Nausea, vomiting

Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion:

—  Increased body temperature

—  Pale, cool, and clammy skin

—  Rapid respirations and pulse

—  Orthostatic hypotension

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke

—  Confusion, disorientation, or unconsciousness

—  Deep respirations

—  Rapid, full pulse slowing later

—  Hypotension

—  Seizures

Divide your body weight in half and drink that many ounces of water. That's how much is recommended for your daily intake.

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