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Summer heat means paying extra attention to dogs

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –This summer is predicted to be one of the worst yet. With temperatures reaching in the high 90's and even triple digits, your dogs can suffer.

However there are precautions you can take to prevent that from happening. This kind of heat is hard on all breeds but for some, it's worse than others.

Experts say it's a good idea to use pet sunscreen. It's kind of like what we use but it's made specifically for your pet.

There are certain things pet owners should automatically know not to do like leaving pets in the car. But there are others you might not know about.

"Animals are not as tough as people think," said Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Curtis. Not knowing can spell harm for our animal friends. "Their fur coat does not keep them as cool like some people think. They think it has an insulator factor which it does," said Curtis. 

However if the dog's temperature is 102 and it's 102 outside. That's kind of like you putting your dog in the oven.

"The most common dogs we see for heat stroke are bull dogs with short noses just because they have trouble breathing," said Curtis.

As the temperature rises all dogs are at risk. Especially long haired dogs. Vets say they should receive a summer clip. "Which means just trimming the hair short," said Curtis.

Giving your dog a hair cut is just part of the solution. "Some people will have a dog house that is in direct sunlight and is enclosed. So there's no circulation," said Curtis.

Also make sure the dog and his water are under the shade. And frequently refresh the water.  But if you do see your animal overheating it is a true emergency.

"In the meantime spray it if you can and get fans to cool it off," said Curtis.  Keeping your dog cool to play with you one more day. @©2010 WALB News. All rights reserved. 

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