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Community reacts to execution

May 6, 2003

Donalsonville- Downtown Donalsonville is quiet except for the sound of church bells in the distance. And while the Alday family murderer Carl Isaacs is taking his last breath, the people here are breathing a sigh of relief.

"I don't think he should have been allowed to live as long as he did as many lives as he took," says Inez Whisman.

"I've read the books, I've watched the news over the years, I'll be glad to see it over. Maybe the family can, maybe it will be over for them," adds Alice Warren.

Others reflect on how the town changed after the Alday murders.

"Before that time this was an open community, nobody locked their doors they didn't have anything to worry about, and immediately after that we all became very frightened, and everybody started locking their doors and making they knew where their children were late in the afternoon," explains Brenda Broom.

Decades later, on the day of the execution, they go on with their daily lives, with a little more peace now that Isaacs is dead, and those who knew the Alday's remember the family.

"It hurt us so bad when they got killed because at the time we were living there, we had been there for about ten years right beside of them," remembers Mary Virgin.

It may have been three decades since the Alday murders but the people of Donalsonville and Seminole County haven't forgotten and they'll never forget the day they say justice was served.

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