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Albany man says his oil skimmer will help Gulf crisis

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –An Albany plumbing contractor who filled his swimming pool with oil and water to test oil clean up equipment put together a skimmer device he says would help.

Henry Sizemore's pool is still full of used diesel fuel and water.

His skimmer is based on equipment Sizemore has used in plumbing and sewage plants for 30 years.

It's made of plastic pipe hooked up to a pump that takes the oily water in,  holds the oil, and pumps the clean water back out.

Sizemore said  "It's something I've done for 30 years. All it is is a simple skimmer. It has grooves cut in the piece of pipe, and it's a three-quarter inch grove cut across that pipe. It's adjustable and you adjust it right at the surface of the water. So that it takes the oil and water and then all this would do is mount on the front of a boat and tie off to the boat. It's made so it will ride with the waves."

Sizemore sent letters and drawings explaining his equipment to B-P, the Governors of the affected states,  Senator Chambliss., and Congressman Bishop.

So far he hasn't heard from any of them.

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