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Alday family motorcade leaves Donalsonville

May 6, 2003

Donalsonville-- The Alday family rented a bus and traveled together from Donalsonville to Butts County for the Carl Isaacs execution. The Alday family wants to be together, on this day they have waited for so long.

About 60 members of the Alday family chartered this bus, and it looked much like a family reunion as they prepared to board. They had T-shirts printed, and were rejoicing this day has finally come. Jeanie Walker said "I'm just so excited to be part of this, to be able to be there with the family when this happen." What does Carl Isaacs mean to you? "Monster, evil."

Their destination is the Jackson Correctional Facility, where Carl Isaacs will be executed, nearly 30 years after killing 6 members of their family. Heather Meadows said'The memory of them, the stories of them we have lived with our whole life. And we're just glad to see this day come."

Family matriarch Inez Alday, Aubrey Alday's widow, said she was ready to make the long ride to Butts County. "I've been upset for 30 years. I don't want to get upset too much. I'm old."

Nancy Blizzard said "It'll help some. It'll be a partial closure." Shannon Adams said "It's not going to bring them back. But it's taking his life the way he took theirs.So it's been a long time coming."

Three Sheriffs and several family cars accompanied the bus as they left for Jackson. Lots of smiles as the day the Alday family has waited for since 1973 has finally arrived, the day Carl Isaacs will pay the ultimate price for his crimes.

Seminole County Sheriff Jerry Godby, State Representative Wallace Sholar and former State Representative Hugh Broom also accompanied the Alday family to the Isaacs Execution.

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