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Sycamore cop facing DUI charges

May 6, 2003

Sycamore-- An off-duty cop, drunk behind the wheel, crashes the police car he was driving.

Sycamore Mayor Wayne Woodruff says, "It was a rude awakening this morning. Let's put it like that."

The Sycamore police officer spent the day behind bars. Sometime between 5:00 and 5:30 Tuesday morning, 27-year-old Shannon Shockley wrecked the police car he was not supposed to be driving.

The Sycamore cop was off-duty, and was forbidden from driving the police car outside city limits. But, the part-time police officer took the car joy riding. He was drunk behind the wheel, crashing the car outside of Ashburn.

The impact was so strong--both the driver and passenger side air-bags deployed. Sycamore police officer Shannon Shockley was not injured when he ran the cop car off this dirt road outside Ashburn--but spent the day sleeping off a hangover at the Turner County Jail.

"I'm very shocked. I really am. It was a rude awakening this morning. Let's put it like that. I'm very disappointed in it." Sycamore Mayor Wayne Woodruff hired 27-year-old Shockley as a part-time police officer just over two weeks ago. Now, just 14 days into the job, Shockley will likely be fired, "This such incident if it turns out that what they are saying is true, it will not be tolerated by the mayor or the city council in Sycamore."

Shockley was driving the police car on Peacock Road, a winding dirt road outside Ashburn. The new cop was driving too fast, and dangerously, running off the road into an embankment. Now, he is facing three charges. State Trooper Jason Ellis says, "First of all, open container for an alcoholic beverage. Second, reckless driving and third, DUI pending test results."

Blood tests were taken from Shockley this morning, and have been sent to the Crime Lab in Moultrie. It will take two or three weeks to find out just how drunk he was when he took the police car joy riding.

When the investigation is complete, the City of Sycamore will decide how to punish Shockley. But, besides losing his job, which city leaders say is likely, Shockley could also lose his police certification.

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