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South Georgia teachers showcase technology

May 6, 2003

Valdosta - Technology has South Georgia students excited about school. "I love computers, web designing, and anything to do with technology," said April Briggs, Student.

Elementary, middle, and high school students and teachers from all over South Georgia are showcasing how they use technology in the classroom. They've built their own web pages, and designed web presentations.

Ware County Teacher Holly Hee says technology is the best way for students to learn. "My classes are full everyday," said Hee. "They want to come to school because they're excited about being in the technology labs."

And the conference helps teachers as well as the students. "We're sharing our ideas and learning from each other," said Hall. "Now I can take what I've learned from the other teachers here and implement it in my classroom."

Parents are also on hand to see how much the kids are learning. "My nine year old knows a lot more than I do about technology," said Jill Clark, Parent. "She has to help me with my computer problems."

Teachers say the increase of technology in schools makes their jobs much easier. It seems like the roles are reversing and students are the ones teaching the lessons.

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