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Who were the Aldays?

May 6, 2003

Donalsonville-- The Aldays were hard-working, God fearing people, known by nearly everyone in Seminole County. They were a farming family, the kind of people who made this country what it is.

Ned Alday was 62. He was the husband of Ernestine. She died just two years ago. Ned and Ernestine's sons, 35-year- old Jerry, 32-year-old Chester and 25-year-old Jimmy were also killed that day. So was their daughter in law, Jerry's wife, 25-year-old Mary Alday.

58-year-old Aubrey Alday was an uncle to them all, he was Ned's brother. The surviving Aldays eventually lost the farm that had been in their family 200 years.

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