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Alday family counts down Isaacs' hours

^Susan Chambliss ^Susan Chambliss
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May 6, 2003

Donalsonville- Forty-nine-year-old Carl Isaacs is the nation's longest serving death row inmate. He is scheduled to be executed this evening.

In Ernie Johnson Jr.’s WSB interview, in 1976, Isaacs said: “I might stay upstairs waiting on appeal, but I'm ready to go. If there's no other way out, which I doubt, I'd rather go ahead and get it over with.”

Thirty years later, he's still alive. He had no remorse back then. “It would turn out different in some ways, as far as pulling that trigger and killing them people, I believe it would happen again.”

Isaacs was convicted of slaughtering six Alday family members inside their Seminole County home on May 14, 1973. “He shot my granddaddy seven times in the face, brutally raped Mary, with her dead family members lying around,” said Susan Chambliss.

It's the most notorious murder case in Georgia history. Isaacs gunned down Ned Alday, his brother Aubrey, Ned's sons Jerry, Chester and Jimmy. Jerry's wife, Mary Alday, was found dead in the woods. Each man was taken to a bedroom and executed.

“Do you not realize how many generations of Aldays died that day?” asked Joseph Alday, Ned's nephew. “It's unbelievable.”

Joseph, at age 24, remembers breaking the horrific news to the rest of the family. “I still think about it every day of my life.”

Now, there's better news to spread. Isaacs final appeal was rejected two weeks ago, setting an execution date. “Always something, where it sits, what's gonna happen, appeals, appeals, appeals,” says Seminole Co. Sheriff Jerry Godby. He was sentenced to death in 1974, got a new trial and a new death sentence in 1988, he's been on death row ever since.

“My only regret is that he doesn't have six lives to kill,” said Nancy Blizzard, Ned's daughter. On Friday in Atlanta, the family was still holding their breath. “We have faith they are going to do the right thing,” said Susan.

Isaacs attorney made another last attempt to the parole board to keep him alive. Defense Attorney, Jack Martin, wanted life without parole. The Alday family was sure to show up to tell their side.

Relda King, Aubrey's daughter said, ”It's just like re-living whole thing over again.” Alday family members are ready to make Carl Isaacs a name in the past. “We're tired of this, tired of being in the limelight,” Susan said.

The family is not seeking revenge, they are searching for justice. “I can't believe one guy played the whole judicial system like he did,” said Joseph. “It's amazing.”

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