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Electronic ticketing may come to Albany

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email


Albany Police may soon quit writing tickets, but that doesn't mean you won't get a citation if you deserve one.     The department may switch to an electronic ticketing system.    

The city commission is considering applying for a grant from the Governor's office of Highway safety.     It would provide 10 electronic ticketing systems for patrol units.     The city would be responsible for $25,000 of the cost of the program, but the program could save more than $40,000.

Chief John Proctor said, "They help us electronically write traffic citations and the process is to help us be a little bit more efficient in doing that work."    

The commission tentatively voted to allow APD to move forward with the grant, but it was a split vote.       Commissioners Hubbard, Langstaff, and Pike voted against the grant until they learn more about the program.     A final vote will take place later this month.

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