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Daughter saves her dad's life

May 5, 2003

Worth County- Raymond Marshall and his daughter Christina talk about the repairs they still have to make on their 1987 Ford Mustang. The car that almost cost Marshall his life.

"I got the gas tank working on it trying to change some parts out, and it had an electrical short in it and it sparked the fumes inside it which are more flammable than liquid is, and next thing I know I see a big flash. My daughter pushed me up out of the way before the fire caught the rest of my body," remembers Marshall.

Marshall didn't even know he had been burned, but he hardly put into words how proud he is of his little Christina.

"Like a mother's instinct you know something gonna happen and I think that's what she felt," he says.

He was right. Christina says she just knew something was going to happen and she had to do something. She says she feels proud, like a hero.

Christina isn't the only one Marshall has to thank. He gives his gratitude to his best friend a volunteer fireman helped calm his family the day of the fire, and staff at an Augusta burn center that restored the skin on his face.

But most of all he thanks his real-life hero.

Marshall says his family won't let him work on any more cars unless he has supervision.

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