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Fire destroys Thomasville police officer's house

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

METCALF, GA (WALB) –Fire destroyed a Thomasville police officer's home Sunday morning.

The family lost nearly everything in that fire. But they believe divine intervention helped save some precious keepsakes and maybe even one of their lives.

For 18 years, Thomasville Police officer Joey Rollins and his wife Dana built a life at their Metcalf home. But it only took an hour for a fire to destroy those years of hard work.

"We washed the house the night before and maybe the water got in the breaker box," says Dana Rollins. "So we're fortunate that it didn't start that night."

Instead, the fire started while the family was at church the next morning. Rollins believes that church service saved her son's life.

"Sometimes he sleeps in. It's hard to wake him to go to church. But this was the first Sunday he'd gone to church in quite a few weeks. I know God just worked it out. He allowed it to happen when we'd all be safe," says a thankful Rollins.

Once firefighters put out the blaze, the Rollins family got to work trying to salvage anything they could. They found a birth certificate, a marriage license, and even several family photos.

"You know, that's the main thing you want to have when your house burns down. You think, I've got to grab my pictures. Well, the Lord preserved those for me. He knew those were weighing on my heart."

Rollins says she's trying to focus and what she has left, not what she lost.

"Sometimes I feel like my life is gone. But then I remember that my life is my family and I'm so thankful that they're here with me."

But she continues to worry about her husband, whose job depends on staying calm in stressful situations.

"He's really struggling. He tries to hold it together but sometimes he falls apart. I worry about him the most. Sometimes they have to be tough. But we told him he has to grieve, too."

Because she says grieving leads to healing, and so he'll be ready to serve and protect others again.

The Rollins family told us many people in the community reached out to help them and they appreciate that support.

They plan to rebuild their home on the same lot as soon as they can.

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