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Last attempt to avoid Carl Isaacs' execution

May 5, 2003

Seminole County - It's the heinous crime that shocked Georgia. Aubrey Alday's daughter, Relda King, says, "Carl Isaacs is going to be lethally injected finally." Thirty years after six Alday family members were gunned down.

Isaacs execution is set for Tuesday night at seven in Butts County, but Monday his attorney filed one last appeal hoping to spare Isaacs' life. Defense attorney, Jack Martin, says a minister's prayer at Isaac's retrial and a statement that "God's will should be done" prejudiced the jury. Martin wants the state Supreme Court to stay the execution.

More than 60 Alday family members are expected to go to the prison where Isaacs is supposed to be put to death. Although the murders happened three decades ago, the memories of that day are fresh in many minds.

They knew the day would come eventually, just didn't expect it three decades later. Mrs. King says, "We did, just anticipation, when, when, why wait?"

Thirty years ago, he shot and killed six of the Aldays in Seminole County. Sheriff Jerry Godby says, "This person is still on death row, anger comes in there."

Isaacs has been on death row since January 1974. Sheriff Godby says, "The State of Georgia spent, I can just guess, over two million dollars probably on that one person."

Sheriff Godby was a farmer at the time of the killings. He was in the search party that found Mary Alday's body. He says, "I don't know what to tell you, when you see someone you know laying out in the middle of the woods, dead, it's not something you want to see everyday."

Sheriff Godby will witness the death of Carl Isaacs. He hopes for closure. The family says it's not revenge, it's justice that should have come generations ago. King says, "We've put up with this for 30 years and it's gonna put some closure to it, one down and two to go."

Two other men, Isaacs half brother, Wayne Coleman, and George Dungee are serving life sentences. Isaacs younger brother, Billy Isaacs, served 20 years for burglary and is living in Florida.

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