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Too many vitamins too much of a good thing?

May 5, 2003

Albany-- We've all heard the saying "too much of a good thing." Well, taking too many vitamins and herbs can hurt more than help.

Alice Hay knows her multivitamin. For 30 years she's helped people pick the best supplement. She says people over do it, especially with Vitamins A, E and D that are already stored in the body. Hay, who is manager of the Bill's Health Store, says, "But if they come in and already taking a lot of things I suggest they bring their bottles down and let me look at them because a lot of times they are crossing over and getting too much A and D."

Hay recommends a multivitamin. After that she says extra C is fine for everyone, and for women, extra Vitamin D, which is good for bones. Almost 70 percent of people take a supplement--but only 40 percent do that on a regular basis.

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