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Scheer wire tap evidence hearing

May 5, 2003

Albany -- One week from Monday a Monroe High School math teacher goes on trial for his father's murder. As both sides wrap up pre-trial motions, Bill Scheer's lawyers attack a wire tap the prosecution installed on Scheer's phone.

Bill Scheer's lawyer says the District Attorney has his game plan, and is trying to keep the prosecution from using it in next week's murder trial. Pete Donaldson said "Investigative materials from our office, which were in the possession of the client, Mr. Scheer, were obtained by the state as a result of the wiretap."

The D. A. has a report Pete Donaldson wrote his client Bill Scheer shortly after the death of his father William Scheer, on September 13, 1990. The D. A. found out about the lawyer's report last fall through a wire tap on Scheer's phone. Donaldson requested the wire tape evidence and the lawyer's report be barred from the trial at a hearing.

The District Attorney protested the language of Donaldson's motion, and Judge Stephen Goss delayed the hearing two more days, to let the lawyer's get the filings straight.

Donaldson said he still does not know what was recorded. "That's one thing that hasn't been completely disclosed to us. We know there was a wire tap. We know it was done in September 2002. We know that they recorded conversations of the family. We know they planted a bug or bugs or listening devices in the house."

Judge Goss also heard a motion from WALB-TV to allow News Anchor Dawn Hobby to cover the Scheer trial in Macon. The prosecution has called Hobby as a witness, because she talked with Bill Scheer the day of the murder. The prosecution and the defense both agreed Hobby could cover the trial after her testimony.

Judge Goss said he would issue a ruling later. The hearing on the wire tap evidence in the Bill Scheer murder case is scheduled to resume Thursday morning. The trial begins at 10:00 AM in Macon Monday.

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