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The Laser Look

May 5, 2003

Atlanta-- The laser is an innovative, non-invasive approach to surgery and is used for lots of things, from eye surgery to cosmetic procedures.

Laser skin resurfacing is perhaps the most dramatic procedure being done by plastic surgeons these days. It erases acne scars and sun damage, and prompts the growth of new collagen-rich skin.

Two months ago, I underwent facial skin resurfacing.

"It used to be that we spent hours in the sun trying to get that perfect tan. We now know how unhealthy that is and how much it damages our skin," said Dr. Brian Maloney.

Dr. Maloney, founder of the Maloney Center in Atlanta, is one of the foremost cosmetic surgeons in the nation. Using the latest medical technology, he can eliminate my facial sun damage and reverse the aging it's caused.

"The Carbon Dioxide Laser can get rid of those little lines and spots," he said. We decided that C02 laser resurfacing is the right treatment for me.

"Laser resurfacing is one of the most dramatic procedures that can be done. It gives you new, baby-fresh skin."

After a pre-operative consultation, the surgery is scheduled.

 Dr. Maloney used the C02 laser to take off the outer layer of skin. "Collagen fibers are in the dermis. Over time, the fibers break down and outer layer falls in and causes wrinkles."

Slowly and deliberately, Dr. Maloney passes the laser over every inch of the face. The laser is a focused beam of energy that will basically burn off the outer layer of skin and allow new skin to grow. In about 25 minutes, it's over.

With the surgery over, now the work begins. It's important to keep this new skin moist and clean.

"Your job over the next week is to take six showers a day."

Six showers a day that are, at first, uncomfortable. But as the days pass and the new skin begins to grow, the results are evident.

One week after surgery, and with a bright pink complexion, I visit Dr. Maloney so he can examine his work.  He notes that I'm healing ahead of schedule and in just five more days, I'll be able to put on makeup and return to work.

And the results: Skin is much firmer, tighter and lines are less noticeable. A look that can only be achieved with the laser.

The laser surgery itself is painless, however the aftercare can be quite involved as you heard. But the difference was worth it.

 I no longer wear heavy makeup, and that's much healthier for my skin.

And the new collagen produced by this surgery will last 20 years.

You can find out more about laser resurfacing by logging on to or by calling Dr. Brian Maloney at 404-252-5438.

(The 'before' picture was taken the morning of my surgery, March 10, 2003. The 'after' picture was taken May 5, 2003.)

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