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Burglars target church for third time

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By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany Church family has become victim to several break-ins. Police believe the robbers may be tied to New Mount Holder Baptist Church in Dougherty County. 

Glass still sits on the ground and the window ledge where thieves broke in Saturday morning. The pastor thinks they broke in through the top part of the window, unlatched the lock and climbed inside. The thieves entered through the office in the back of the church.

Pastor Johnny Gardner says the burglars must have had a key. The frame design would have made it impossible to kick in the door. Next, they entered his study.

"It took me a while to focus but I noticed my refrigerator is gone, my cooler with the snacks was gone and we had a brand new copy machine and they stole that," said Pastor Gardner.

He says they also stole two jugs full of several hundred dollars, a coin holder form the drink machine, several sets of keys and tried to pry open his file cabinets in search of money.

The major stash was already in the bank. Deacon Donald Profit was the first to spot the broken window from outside. He says he was cleaning up the yard Saturday morning.

"The window was up, the curtain was blowing out, and the glass was cracked so I went over  to see what was going on and I looked in and noticed the window was chipped and the whole office was a mess and both doors were open," said Profit.

Even though the thieves made it into the pastor's study, he's just glad they didn't make it into the audio booth with expensive equipment or in the sanctuary where there are keyboards, speakers, and other kinds of valuable instruments.

"I'm not hoping they send them to jail and capture them," Pastor Gardner noted. "I'm really hoping they will have a change in heart, change of mind and try to get themselves together."

The thieves also left behind several footprints on the pastor's door they kicked down and a glass mirror. The pastor says this is the third time the church has been burglarized in roughly six months. Just a few months ago thieves stole an air conditioner unit that caused about $5,000 to replace.

The pastor believes the thieves stole anywhere between $4,000 and $5,000 worth of items. Albany police are still searching for suspects. If you have information on this burglary call Crime Stoppers at 346-TIPS. Anyone who would like to donate may call Mount Holder Church at 432-5670.

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