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Political group rallies in Moultrie

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

Moultrie, GA (WALB) – Early voting is already underway and the deadline to register to vote is closing in.

In Moultrie, 'We the People' who identify themselves with the Tea Party, took to Courthouse Square to remind everyone of both.

They say it doesn't matter which party you vote for, just as long as you cast a ballot and make your voice heard.

Honking horns is the sound of awareness, or at least that's what the Colquitt County Tea Party hopes. The sound that will wake apathetic citizens and get them out to the polls.

"We've had a lot of people like this guy to honk and a lot of people have rode by and gave us the high sign and that's good, that's good support and they know why we're here. I hope it's going to have some affect on them,"  said Event Organizer Marvin Bishop.

Organizers were disappointed with the turn out, but those who braved the heat hope it will get many thinking about the important issues like health care.

"We're going to be short on doctors and nurses and everything with this health care we've got because it's just costing too much money," said Mark Chafin.

If it reminds one person to register to vote or go the polls it's a success. Older generations say it's a lesson for the younger generation.

"These are grand kids they're learning from a grass roots what it is to be an American and that's what we need to get our kids back into the constitution," Jarrell Burgess said.

A message they hope is heard in Washington.

"I think there's a lot of people that have been there for too long and have become part of the system and now they're the problem," Carolyn Larko said.

The sounds of honking horns serves as a reminder for those in southwest Georgia that their vote can make a difference. 

The deadline to register to vote is June 21. Primary election day in Georgia is July 20th.  

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