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All in the family

May 5, 2003

Dana and Jamie Corr are apart of one of the most successful teams Darton College has ever assembled. "When you wake up in the morning and you see that person at home and you say, 'All right I'm heading to work,' and then you get to work and you see them again (it's kind of  strange)," Jamie Corr said.

That's right the Corr's are literally inseparable, on and off of the field. "Everyday I get to eat lunch with him and we talk every afternoon when we get home about his practice or my practice and we really support each other,"Dana Corr said. Dana just finished her second season as the Lady Cavaliers head softball coach, while Jamie is still in the midst of his rookie year coaching alongside Glen Eames on the baseball diamond.

Their jobs may require countless hours on the field and away from their home, but they're never very far apart. "It's 24 hours a day with your wife, which if your wife is your best friend then it's okay and you can get by with it. With the new building coming next year our offices are actually right next door to each other. So I guess if she ever wanted me she wouldn't have to pick up the phone, she could just bang on the wall a little bit and say "Hey come over here i need you.'"

But they'll both tell you they wouldn't have any other way. "It's a busy schedule, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, it's fun," Dana Corr said. "It's just a great situation to be here at Darton College with the athletic department staff and really the whole college faculty," Jamie added. And like any good team, the Corr's have their own little MVP, seven month old Jaxson, who's future is already mapped out. "He of course can choose any path he wants, you know baseball or baseball. But that's going to be up to him," Jamie said. 

And while the Corr's admit that their days can get a little overwhelming, they both make it a point to catch up with each other when they finally make it home after a long day at work. "We talk about each other's games and before we know it an hour has passed. But I want to know about his games and he wants to know about my games," Dana said.  "It's a good venting situation. Like Dana said we feed off of each other. We really need that time to get out a lot of frustration with each other," Jamie said.

You see the Corr's not only preach teamwork, they practice it too.

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