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Pastor gives rooftop sermon

May 4, 2003

Montezuma- The congregation at United Methodist Church gathered for their Sunday service outside, in front of their fellowship hall, but that's not the interesting part of the story. Reverend Ken Myers preached his entire sermon from the roof.

"I think it wonderful. I think he's got a lot of nerve to do it," says Georgia Josey.

Back in March, Reverend Myers promised to preach from the rooftop if his congregation had 200 members at Sunday service, an idea he says he hopes will stir up more than just a lot of attention.

"I just wanted to get my people excited and just get them encouraged about the Jesus, and so this is one way of doing it," explains Reverend Ken Myers.

So far, its working. Members say they are anxious about hearing the sermon. "He's a young preacher. He's real good, and I think he's gonna bring them in," says Melver Fulghom.

"It's something new. We hadn't really ever seen something like this, so I think it's really good," adds Alex Braddock.

Reverend Myers admits he's a little scared of heights, but says preachers may have to start thinking of innovative ways to get people interested in church.

"Just get people excited, and just do different things and let them know that church isn't the same old thing it normally is," he says.

Myers's sermon was about Zaccheus climbing a tree to get a closer look at Jesus. Now, he's hoping climbing the ladder will bring he and his members closer to God.

Reverend Myers says members have already asked him what his next challenge will be, but he says he hasn't decided yet, he'll leave it up to God.

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