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Ocilla boy recovering quickly from grease fire burns

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

OCILLA,  GA (WALB) –  13-year-old Ocilla boy is recovering remarkably well after he was burned three weeks ago trying to help a neighbor put out a grease fire. The scars on Bud Laska's chest and arms have faded a little but he still vividly remembers putting his life on the line to put out the grease fire that was quickly taking over his neighbor's kitchen.

He says the burns hurt and he was at the Augusta burn center for two days, but it was all worth it to be there for his best friend and neighbor when she needed him most.

13-year-olds Bud Laska and Katelyn Kilbury are next-door-neighbors and best friends.

"I love him very much," said Katelyn Kilbury.

So when Katelyn was cooking corn dogs on May 20th and the pan full of grease caught fire, she knew who she could count on for help.

"I didn't know you had to cover it so I ran over and got him," said Kilbury.

"I could see it through my porch the fire through the window," said Laska.

Without hesitation, Bud rushed next door with a fire extinguisher and put out the flames.

"It started up again, this time above the stove and burned out the cabinets. I went back in there, took my shirt off and wrapped it around my hand, grabbed the pot and went to throw it in the yard. It got on me and my brother and her," said Laska.

Only small splashes of hot grease landed Bud's little brother Andrew and Katelyn but it covered Bud's arms and chest.

"The hardest part was I couldn't hug him or touch him for a week because of the burns," said his dad, Steven Laska.

"He went through all that pain. It made me think he really cares about me, he's a true friend," said Kilbury giving Laska a big hug.

And although Bud doesn't think what he did was all that great, his best friend and dad say without a doubt, he's he's hero.

"Without Bud I don't think my house would be there," she said.

Today her house stands tall, everyone's scars are fading and a friendship is stronger than ever. All because of a brave kid who wasn't afraid to put his fears on the backburner to help out a neighbor.

Of course Bud's heart was in the right place but you should never try and pick up a pan containing grease that is on fire. Instead immediately have someone call 911 and COVER the grease fire with a pan lid. You can try using a fire extinguisher, but NEVER put water on a grease fire. That will only cause the hot oil to splash much like it does if you attempt to throw it outside. Ruthie.

And parents if you have children who cook while you're at work or out of the house, make sure you go over fire safety tips with them and have a fire extinguisher readily available in the kitchen.

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