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Family prevails, Isaacs to take needle

^Susan Chambliss ^Susan Chambliss
^Paige Seagraves ^Paige Seagraves

May 2, 2003

Atlanta-- Notorious mass murderer Carl Isaacs loses his last chance to avoid the death penalty. The leader of a gang that killed six members of a South Georgia family will be executed in four days.

Friday, State parole officials denied clemency for forty-nine year old Carl Isaacs, the nation's longest serving death row inmate. Isaacs' attorney pleaded for his client to live. This was Isaacs' last chance to escape the death penalty.

Attorney Jack Martin claims Isaacs is a changed man. Relatives of the murder victims also met with the parole board to plead their case.

The Aldays have no sympathy for Carl Isaacs. "He shot my granddaddy seven times in the face. They brutally raped Mary in the trailer with her dead family sprawled out everywhere," said Susan Chambliss, Ned Alday's granddaughter.

Chambliss was only eight at the time of the heinous crimes in Seminole County.

Ned's youngest granddaughter, Paige Seagraves wasn't even born yet. "I am amazed that anyone on this planet could defend such a person. He's not even a human being. If I had something to say to him, it would be 'May God have mercy on your soul, because you had no mercy on my family.'"

Isaacs was denied clemency hours after the Aldays plead their case to the parole board. "This is not revenge. This is justice. It's almost too long to be justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. At this point, we'll take what ever we're offered," said Seagraves.

Isaacs will be executed Tuesday evening at the prison in Butts County. More than 60 members of the Alday family will be escorted by Seminole County sheriff Jerry Godby, who will also witness Isaacs' execution.

Isaacs' attorney presented documents from three jurors from the 1988 retrial in Perry that claimed those jurors would have chosen life without parole instead of the death penalty, but they weren't given that choice.

The attorney also said Isaacs has cancer and that he has changed his life. He claims it was also unfair that Isaacs got the death penalty and the others convicted in the case did not.

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