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It pays to know the rules for Seabrooks

By Joey Donia - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -When it comes to the rules of track and field Dougherty County Athletic Director Johnny Seabrooks is a walking encyclopedia. Last week his knowledge earned him an induction into Georgia's Track and Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame.

"Coaches a lot of times time to time for whatever reason they will not totally interpret the rules so you have to know what the rule is" said Seabrooks. 

Knowing the rules earned Johnny Seabrooks a spot in the hall of fame.

"Things like this happen and you never work towards that goal you just work hard every day and hope that people are appreciate of it and when your peers think about it and you've done enough to be inducted it's just an honor to be inducted."

Seabrooks is Georgia's head clinician of track and field rules. The former Monroe and Dougherty coach makes sure Georgia's current coaches understand the rules.

"It's like officiating any sport. You've got to interpret the rule to make sure that your fair and consistent with what your doing."

There are hundreds of rules in the book and Seabrooks knows them all.

"You have to know what the rule is when somebody comes up and asks you a question you've got to be able to give them that answer because they're asking the question because they feel like they've been mistreat."

If you don't know the rules you could be disqualified.

"I always try to practice preventative officiating if there's anything that I can do before the state meet or before the race to make sure kids can run than I try to do that."

Don't say you didn't know the rules. You should have asked hall of famer Johnny Seabrooks.




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