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Busted store clerks appear in court

May 2, 2003

Albany -- The store clerks caught selling alcohol to underage officers went before the Judge Friday morning. Three were sentenced to jail, as the District Attorney and Judge let the clerks know they consider underage sales a serious crime.

 One by one the 16 store clerks went before Judge John Salter in State Court. The clerks were caught selling alcohol to underage police officers in a sting operation March 12th and 13th.

Fourteen of the 16 plead guilty or no contest to the charges. Judge Salter let them know why he was helping in the crackdown on underage liquor sales.

Salter said "Teenagers when they are drinking, will do it in a car, because they can't go home where their parents won't let them. So inexperienced drinkers and inexperienced drivers can be a real danger to themselves, anyone riding with them, and anyone who meets them on the road."

District Attorney Ken Hodges asked that the clerks be sentenced to jail time, to let them know he is serious about stopping underage sales. Three of the clerks, who had previous alcohol related records, were sentenced to one day in jail and fined $504. They will also be on 12 months probation. First offenders were fined 379 dollars, must serve 24 hours community service, and also placed on 12 months probation.

Hodges called these cases the first store clerks charged with underage sales. He promises that any other clerks caught in future stings will have to face the Judge as well. Two of the charged store clerks plead "not guilty", and will have trials.

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