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Sherwood movie shoot continues

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –A movie production in Albany is bringing hundreds of people to South Georgia take part in or report on the event.

Sherwood Baptist Church's latest production "Courageous" is filming now.

Hundreds of church volunteers are involved in the movie. And after the enormous success of "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof",  supporters of the Christian filmmakers and reporters from around the country are also keeping an eye on the production.

They are filming scenes from a 5 K race for the movie "Courageous." Sherwood Filmmakers are making this movie in just 35 days, with mostly volunteer crew and actors. So it is a real work of love for this church, making a film that possibly millions of people around the world will see.

Cameras, cables, lights, and lots of extras . Courageous is by far the biggest production ever for Sherwood Films.

Producer and writer Stephen Kendrick said "Our production crew is bigger. We're using multiple cameras now. Our locations, we've got like twice as many locations in this movie. Then the extras have gone to a whole nother level."

With only 35 days for filming, the Sherwood film crew moves quick. Tuesday morning they were in the church filming a scene. The success of "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof" has brought a one million dollar budget. There are some professional crew and actors, but most are still volunteers from the church congregation.

That success for Christian films with powerful messages have brought dozens of people from across the country to witness and report on the event. More than 170 media outlets like Inside Edition are scheduled for set visits with a dose of Albany Hospitality..

Provident Films Vice President Kris Fuhr said "We take them to the Riverfront Bar-B-Que, take them to Pearly's. We want them to get a feel for the Church and volunteer atmosphere here. And see that amazing things can come out of small towns."

"Courageous" is a story about Police officers and fatherhood, and Michigan State Police Chaplain Jim Salo felt he had to come to take part.

Salo said "I'm full a believer in this movie because it's going to help us as cops to be better dads."

The President of Samuel Goldwyn Films came today to watch volunteer film making, instead of the hundred million dollar productions he is used to.

 Meyer Gottlieb said "Where I come from, the focus is on fortune and fame. Here the focus is on faith and family and friends and fixing the world. And it reflects not only in how people live, but in the way they shoot a movie, and it's very rewarding and very refreshing."

After two big hits, Sherwood leaders say they are not worried about selling tickets, just putting out the message.

 Pastor Michael Catt said "It's not about us. Because we're not that good. It's bigger than us, because we're not that good. It's got to be the Lord to make that happen."

Kendrick said "there is a great vibe on the set right now. People are thrilled to be a part of this."

And hundreds of people from across the country are coming to see this film making miracle take shape.

Filming for these scenes will continue until dark. There are still two more full weeks of shooting ahead, and then "Courageous" will go for post production. The movie is expected to be released to theatres in 2011.

The film makers say nearly a quarter million people everyday keep up with the movie production on their face book page and web site.

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