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President Bush speaks to crew aboard USS Abe Lincoln

May 1, 2003

Albany- As President Bush told the crew aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and millions of viewers that the major combat in Iraq has ended, the Peterson family breathed a sigh of relief. Beth Peterson's brother-in-law, Mike Russ is on the USS Abraham Lincoln. The ship just returned to the U.S. after ten months at sea.

Bush applauded the members of the for their commitment Thursday night. It's a commitment that makes the Peterson's proud.

Beth says, "We're just so proud of him. It's just a relief to hear this speech. We're glad the troops are almost home."

Bush was adamant that the U.S. is committed to rebuilding Iraq and he says the larger war against terrorism will continue.

Michael Luke, Russ's brother-in-law says, "I feel confident in our country. We have taken the right steps to make sure the war on terrorism ends in a positive way."

The Peterson's say they are proud of the president and the men and women of the military, and they feel confident the country will stop all terrorist groups that pose a threat to the country.

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