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Flint Riverquarium trees make a come back

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  A groundbreaking process to help distressed trees seems to be working for six struggling Live Oak trees in downtown Albany.

Last year the six trees looked bare and dying. They were planted near the Riverquarium six years ago. Now they appear to be thriving. The Forestry Commission had faith the trees could be saved and brought in Bob Fulgham to blast the hard ground around the trees to help the roots.

"I would say on some of the trees, we're look at 60 or 70 percent better than they were and they're putting out more leaves now where they need to be and we're going to continue to do the specified recommendations and keep helping them out," said Charles George, Flint Riverquarium.

Fulgham's process works by providing more oxygen to the plants. He's using the trees as a world wide example of what his process can do. Fulgham continues to make trips to Albany to check on the trees and will continue with the treatments.

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