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Fort Stewart honors war dead

^Col. Jerry Poltorak, Base Commander ^Col. Jerry Poltorak, Base Commander

April 30, 2003

Fort Stewart-- Nearly three dozen soldiers who died in Iraq were honored Wednesday at a memorial service at Fort Stewart.

The servicemen were part of the Third Infantry Division, which sent around 16,500 soldiers to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Thirty-four of them did not come home.

Wednesday, the base paid tribute to those fallen heroes.  Soldiers, family, and the community came together for the memorial. It included remarks from the base commander, a moment of silence for each fallen service man, the playing of taps, and the military retreat.

The base also planted a "Warrior's Walk," several Eastern Red trees, which will bloom in the spring. When they mature, the trees will touch, forming a living tunnel.

It will be a yearly reminder of the fallen soldiers. "It is just a place to remind of our soldier's supreme sacrifice, but more importantly, they'll be present here, on this field of honor, everyday," said Col. Jerry Poltorak, Base Commander.

"They will be here for out most important events. Those soldiers will march with us forever."

Colonel Poltorak also commended journalists Michael Kelly and David Bloom, who died in Iraq. Some of those killed were stationed at Tt. Benning, and at Hunter Rrmy Airfield. Over 500 people attended the service.

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