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Tornado survivors moving back home

April 29, 2003

Camilla - Despite the fact that a tornado struck a Southwest Georgia neighborhood, twice, people are moving back. The Goodson Road area in Camilla is nicknamed tornado alley.

The sound of tools clanking to the ground echo in this Camilla neighborhood. Five weeks ago, homes on McNair Road were destroyed and tossed around by a powerful tornado. Now, the ground is leveled by bulldozers and cars beat up by debris litter the neighborhood. Resident Clarence Spooner says, "It tore up two of my cars, too."

The tornado's strength can't push Clarence Spooner away from his neighborhood. Spooner explains, "It just blew up, and left me."

He was inside his mobile home on March 20th. Spooner says, "I was so scared, I couldn't tell you what it felt like. It left the floor and picked it up and blow it over this way."

This is the second time a tornado hit his neighborhood off Goodson Road, so many might ask, why move back? Spooner laughs and says, "I've been out here 33 years. I like this spot."

He's not the only one. He points, "Three of us have moved back. Two trailers down there, this one makes three of them."

Spooner has a new mobile home, but it will be a while until he gets his neighbors back. Across the street, more tornado survivors are building, this time a cement block house.

Four people died in the McNair and Goodson Road area. Two died in Worth County.

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