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Patriotic grandmother misses deployed grandsons

April 29, 2003

Cook County - The end of the war brings a big relief for Sue Vining. "I'm so happy and relieved, and my prayers have been answered," said Vining.

She has six grandsons in the military. Two are deployed to Iraq, one is in Japan, and three others are scattered at different military bases throughout the country.

She even has her own wall of honor. "It's a way I can show my appreciation for the U.S. military, particularly my boys who are serving," said Vining.

Sue's daughter Christine says even though the war's been hard on her mother, she's actually been the strong one in the family. "Mama's our rock," said Dell. "She's taught us that if we stick together and pray, we can get through this."

Sue says she's proud of her grandsons, but is constantly worried about their dangerous careers. "It's bittersweet," said Vining. "They're so brave to do what they do, but I worry about them a lot."

Even though she talks to her grandsons often, nothing will calm this grandmother's nerves until her grandsons return home safely.

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