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Lt. Governor says flag vote important for Georgia future

April 28, 2003

Albany-- Lt. Governor Mark Taylor says no matter which flag Georgia voters choose in March, it will be better for the future of the state. The Georgia Legislature will soon take down the current blue state flag and replace it with a temporary state banner.

Next March Georgia voters will choose between the temporary flag and the current blue flag. But there will not be a vote to bring back the former state flag and its Confederate battle cross.

Taylor says he does not favor the public vote but hopes it puts the divisive issue to rest. Taylor said "Either of the choices is a much better choice for Georgia's future than returning to the post-1956 flag. Which is a flag, which if it ever returns, will take Georgia backwards. It will not bring Georgia forwards."

Southern Heritage advocates called the new flag a betrayal. Lt. Governor Taylor says the legislature should decide the flag, not the voters.

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