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Witnesses speak after bullet fragment hits woman in face

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - WALB has local, late breaking updates after police say they shot a dog after it was acting aggressive towards people and animals. That bullet bounced off the ground and part of it hit a woman in the face.

She's the woman who called about the dog. Now people who witnessed the incident say that dog was not aggressive at all.

The owner says she was afraid the dog would attack her horse and her dog and it may have even killed one of her own animals. However people were next door on South County Line road. They say the dog was very tame and they even asked police if they could take it home.

John West and his mom say the police officer would not let them take the dog. It had already suffered a gunshot wound.

"It was looking for help and it looked like one of the advertisements for the humane society," said Nell West.

Martha Weston was afraid the Doberman Pinscher Rottweiler mix would attack her own pets. She says it may have even killed one of her kittens. She finally called Dougherty County Police Friday night. That's when officer Nanda Ross ran the dog away the first time but then it came back and showed its teeth. In defense officers say she shot the dog in the leg.

 "It scared me to death and we didn't know what was going on" said John West.

West was finishing up cutting grass next door. He says it should have been handled differently.

"They should have gotten the right people out there to get the dog," West said. "They claimed he was aggressive but he was not at all."

West and his mom wanted to take the dog which had been shot and give it a home.

"I asked them why I couldn't have the dog and one of the excuses was it had been shot," said Nell West.

Dougherty County Police say they were protecting people and other animals who lived nearby. The homeowner says the dog snapped at her when she tried to get it away from her horse.

She says she also called Animal Control around noon that day and never saw anyone come out. The victim suffered a small wound to her right jaw from the bullet fragment. EMS removed it on the scene and she's doing ok.


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