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Check insurance policies before hurricane season

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – People in our area are rightfully concerned about flooding coming from the ground, but there's another threat from tropical weather here in South Georgia, and it's probably looming above many people's heads right now.

Summer is almost here. Time to enjoy the warm weather. Time to get outside. Time for South Georgians to worry about hurricanes. Especially for newer residents like Ross Grantham.

 "We moved here January of '09," he said.

The Detroit native loves his home, and even the Summers haven't bothered him. While he did see a brush from Tropical Storm Ida last year: "you'd notice a lot of water start to pile up on the street here. And of course, run from the hill down to the house."  He hasn't experienced the full fury of a tropical storm - yet.

"No sir, not yet," he said.

With the hurricane season approaching, residents of South Georgia - new and old - will need to check on something other than their storm supply kits.

Al Hatcher, a State Farm agent said that people should, "look over their insurance policy. Make sure they have the right coverage."

But while most people think of flooding when they think of tropical weather, the wind can do it's share of damage as well. That could mean tree trouble for many South Georgians.

Making sure that your trees are properly trimmed is the key to making sure that they don't wind up in someone's living room. If they're diseased, they probably need to go. And that could stretch across property lines as well.

"If they notice that there's a rotting tree in the neighbors yard. Talk with the neighbor about having that tree removed," said Hatcher.

And there's other things to do to make sure that your home is ready for the storm.

"Make sure that any wood rot around the house has been taken care of. Any time you show wood rot around the facia as well as loose nails. Any leaks or old shingles," said Hatcher.

The good news is that any damage that does occur due to the wind is covered by your homeowners policy.

"The strong winds. Tornadoes that may come up about," he said.

Grantham says that he loves all of the trees in his yard, and he makes sure to keep them properly trimmed.

"I think the way they have these trimmed around here, it's pretty good," he said.

And he's hoping that he'll never feel the ill winds of a storm.

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