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Lucky motorists take advantage of 59-cent a gallon gas

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

CAIRO, GA (WALB) –Can you remember the last time you paid 59-cents a gallon for gas?

Some lucky people in Cairo got that deal Friday.

The discounted gas was part of a one hour promotion sponsored by Windstream Communications.

Vehicles waited up to an hour for their chance to fill up cheap.

Most people waiting in this line can't even remember when gas was only 59-cents a gallon. But Friday morning, they got to go back in time.

"It helps a lot," says Danielle Williams. "I can ride three to four days on 10 gallons."

Word spread quickly through Cairo about the 59-cent a gallon gas, and pretty soon, the Murphy USA gas station on Highway 84 was packed.

Everyone loved the cheap gas, but probably not as much as those driving trucks and SUVs.

"My truck isn't that good on gas around town, but it's pretty good on highways," explains Charles Cone who drives a large pick-up truck. "I've been out here forty-five minutes. And the 59-cent a gallon is awesome but sometimes I wonder if it's worth the wait."

But there was a catch. Each customer could only put in a maximum of 10 gallons of gas in their vehicle.

"We're limiting it to 10 gallons per car so we can get as many cars through as possible," says Tim Sites, a Windstream representative.

The Windstream communications team also thought out the logistics to make sure the event worked efficiently.

"We had several meeting for about six weeks and really coordinated things so they'd go smoothly," continued Sites.

Nearly 100 vehicles made it in before the 11:00 AM deadline. Danielle Williams was the very last customer to take advantage of the deal.

"I done had to get out of my car twice because my car was running hot. I got a bad hip and it's hurting, but thank God! Whew!"

And what about the person behind Danielle?

"Actually, I came prepared to pay and I felt like if I got in that's fine, if not, that's fine," says a content Alicia Byrden. "59-cent gallon would have been great, considering what I drive, but I just feel like hey, the best person got the spot. So I'm okay with it."

And with the heavy summer travel months ahead, it might be a long time before she has the chance at 59-cent gas again.

Windstream representatives say they plan to hold another 59-cent gas promotion in the area and are busy scouting potential locations.

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