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Kids Expo: fun and educational

April 26, 2003

Albany- Dozens of kids play along as they participate in a clapping a game at the 2003 Kids Expo. They also watch in awe as a pottery maker sculpts a bowl. Some even tried their own sculpting skills using a little help from Play-doh.

But fun games and interesting animals weren't they only attractions that caught the kids attention. Many got a chance to learn what to do in case of a fire by walking through the fire department safety house.

"At first they really think its a playhouse until we really explain to them what its designed for. We let you know that the smoke is not designed to hurt you but you need to know what to do in case you have a fire," explains fire inspector, Gwen Jennings.

Kids also enjoyed seeing first-hand how K-9 dogs help police catch criminals. Parents say these informational activities are a great way to have fun and teach safety at the same time.

"We're gonna try to get those fingerprints id's for them. That way they can be registered. That's one thing I like about it," says Matt Holcombe.

A little bit of learning and a lot fun is a recipe that keeps families returning each year.

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