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Rattlesnake takes life of Berrien County man

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

BERRIEN COUNTY, GA (WALB) –A Berrien County man was killed by a rattlesnake.

Authorities say 82-year old Eddie Dorminey was repairing his lawnmower Wednesday morning.

A snake was hiding in the lawnmower and bit him several times.

This is the time of year when more snakes are out and active.

This is the rattlesnake that took the life of 82-year old Eddie Lee Dorminey Wednesday morning in Enigma.

It was first thought that Dorminey had died of a heart attack but when Lt. Larry Tabor looked under the lawnmower, he noticed a rattlesnake wrapped around a pulley.

"When we found out the snake was alive we checked out the body again and on his wrist he had several areas that were punctured, a snake bite in the main artery," said Lt. Tabor.

Investigators said Dorminey was apparently changing the lawnmower belt and didn't notice the snake was there.

"The sheriff got a stick and went to punch it and all of the sudden the snake started moving," said Lt. Tabor.

The venomous snake was then killed.

Dorminey's grandson says he misses the man who he called "Papa D."

"I miss him. I love him alot."

He says his "Papa D" was always there for his entire family.

"His lawnmower was like a tractor to him. I always helped him with his lawnmower."

Statistics show only about a dozen Americans die from snake bites per year.

 Watch where you step, watch where you reach, because rattlesnakes can blend in with their environment. This time of year, they're on the move.

Rattlesnakes like to stay where it's cool and near a food source.

While his death is difficult to deal with, Dorminey's family wants others to be aware of the venomous snakes out there.

Eddie Dorminey's funeral will be Saturday at Lovein Funeral Home in Nashville.

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