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Albany residents' homes get makeovers

April 26, 2003

< P> < STRONG> Albany-  "It feels like I'm flying away, It's just beautiful. It feels so good." 80 year old, Callie Jones has lived at 1207 South Van Buren Street for more than thirty years, and now, she says her home is getting a long over due make over.

She adds, "They're fixing the bathroom, kitchen, and cabinets." And the list goes on and on, and it's a list these volunteers say they don't mind completing.

Volunteer, Melinda Hicks, says, "I just love to give to the community, and I hope if one day if I ever had to have this, someone will help me."

Volunteer, Kevin Carter, says, "It's helping people out and the environment and that lady needed her house done, so I told my daddy I was going to come help." As Callie Jones waited for the finished product, Gordon Avenue resident, Jessie Benton, admires what a day of hard work left behind."

Benton says, "They painted the trim and trimmed all of the windows that needed painting really bad, and this door was deteriorating and they replaced that."

These are all replacements that warm Jessie's heart. She says, "It shows there are a lot of people that have a lot of love, caring and sharing in their hearts."

Both Benton and Jones say their newly repaired homes will remind them of what giving back truly means. Rebuilding together with Christmas in April volunteers repaired sixteen homes around the Albany community Saturday.

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